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Commercial and industrial machinery keeps modern life ticking along like clockwork. When that machinery stops ticking due to a hydraulic cylinder or other component giving out, you need a machinist, and you need a good one, fast! In Russellville, AR, that's S. F. I. For nearly 30 years, individuals from many different occupational specialties have trusted S. F. I. for welding, equipment repair, hydraulic cylinder fabrication and hydraulic hoses. 

Not only do we serve the River Valley area, we have clients across the state of Arkansas who willingly drive miles out of their way to use our services. What can we say? S. F. I. is that good at what we do. Whether you're a mechanic, heavy equipment operator, contractor or even an inventor, our full-service machine shop is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are eager to help you get your job back on track, or get your project off the ground.

When waiting won't work

Of all the hours in the day, this had to happen now? You stayed late at the job site to do some catch-up work, and now the hydraulics on your backhoe have gone kaput! Call S. F. I. We offer 24-hour emergency response, so you and your machinery can get back to work. 
Sims Ford Inc.

Equipment breakdown? Get back on schedule and on budget. 
S. F. I. can perform most repairs the same day!

It's who you know 

Just ask anyone in the Russellville or River Valley, AR area whose name comes to mind when they need a full-service machine shop. The majority of them will tell you "S. F. I." without hesitation. We've been the go-to team for years, and always will be!

One call, we're on the ball

Whether you need a part turned, milled, or welded, a hydraulic cylinder repaired or fabricated, or help creating a prototype of a device you're sure will change the world, S. F. I. is here for you. Give us a call or visit our shop at 3006 E. 16th Street in in Russellville, AR.

A well-oiled machine isn't much good if it's broken.
Let us fix yours.

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