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Hydraulic hoses in Russellville

Every minute your bulldozer is out of commission, you're losing money. Get back in the green, with the help of S. F. I. Our team of professional machinists does welding, hydraulic repairs, component fabrication and much more. We offer emergency service and fast turn-around times for your convenience.

Give us a day to get you
back to work

A single equipment breakdown can bring an entire operation to a screeching halt. When that happens, S. F. I. will work hard to get your repairs completed the same day, so everyone can get back to work!
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We're at the top of our game

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: S. F. I. is super-picky about who we hire. Everyone who works for us, are very knowledgeable about the things we do.  

Our machinists are trained and certified by the top trade schools in the country and are carefully vetted for good interpersonal skills and technical proficiency. 

The one skillset we don't have

At S. F. I., we're good at a lot of things, but being able to read peoples' minds isn't one of them.  

The only stupid question is the one you never ask. We welcome your phone call or in-person visit to ascertain your needs and whether or not we can meet them. Here's a hint: chances are excellent that we can!

Take your invention from fantasy to fruition. Call today!

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